What is Aadi Shoonya Balashakthi?

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Aadi Shunya Balashakti is the primordial energy. In the beginning, the visible universe did not exist. The universe evolved from emptiness. In that emptiness there existed absolute force (Aadi shunya balam). Inside that absoluteness, there were two actions of forces. One was the concentration of the complete force to the centre of that emptiness and the other was the spreading of the complete force from centre to extremity. As a result, an enormous power got stored in the emptiness. The concentrating and spreading action made that power dynamic and started to act as energy. As a result, the complete force became the energy responsible for the creation of this Universe. Due to the dynamic nature, the energy got position and time. Also this primordial energy was capable to contain the full entirety of the universe along with its position and time. Each particle in this energy was capable of evolving the the full length and time of the universe. This is God Particle - the initial dominant particle of this universe. The God energy that contains such God Particles is responsible for the creation of this universe. The preeminent state of the God Particle is incomparable to the rest of the energy particle seen in the universe. All the other particles in this universe evolved from the decentralisation of the God Particle over several periods of time. Thus the universe appeared to its present structure . Aadi Shunya Balashakthi is God - The one and only Creator. Hence with this genesis knowledge, Guru Madhavacharyan teaches the world that there is only one God.

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