Is Coronavirus a Bioweapon ?

Today, research on the biological weapon is a booming sector in many countries, extensive researches are being carried out in this field.

For weaponisation, animal viruses are isolated and in vitro grown are genetically engineered to increase its virulence and communicability to cause high morbidity or mortality. Bio-weaponised organisms exhibit elevated lethality and enhanced transmission rate through targeted genome editing. The recent Coronavirus is one such bioweapon, grown in vitro and modified genetically with increased pathogenicity is highly infectious. For weaponisation, extensive researches and experiments are carried out in animal models infected with pathogenic viruses, for a specific time and later the viruses are attenuated or neutralised in the host organisms. Though neutralised the highly virulent viral strains get activated inside the host organism when exposed to favourable conditions.

Four years ago, viral infestation experiments were carried out in animal models especially pigs, dogs, and migratory birds. Post research, neutralisation of pathogens was carried out. Since the pathogen was dormant in their natural host, they were released into a natural habitat. But even though the pathogens remain dormant, when the host got acclimatised to the natural habitat, under favourable circumstances they spring back to action and the virulence caused disease to breakout.

Since these viruses are genetically modified, once infested in humans and other animals are hard to control. Their resistance to natural immune responses also makes it harder to control their transmission. Their unnatural resistance allows them to withstand all adverse conditions thereby transmitting virulence. Hence these diseases are purely human-made.

But by Shoonya Bala Shakthi's indulgence and action (the Almighty, Creator of this universe), the spread of disease will be made under control. The communicability and pathogenicity of the Corona Virus will be altered by Shoonya Bala Shakthi before becoming a threat to the world. In the forthcoming days, the resistance of the virus may succumb. The Almighty Creator shall alter the climatic conditions that made the virus to become active. Due to the sudden change in the atmospheric conditions, the virus may find it difficult to thrive and pass on its virulence. A mutation is indeed needed for the infectious virus to thrive in new atmospheric conditions. In this way, the communicability of viruses will become less. This will make the virus susceptible to medicines and antibodies. The discovery of novel medicinal formulations from existing medicines will reduce the spread of the virus. Hence no need to panic.

But in the future, the new recombinant Coronavirus will remain dormant in another natural host for a long time, but under favourable conditions, the virus will spring back to life. These recombinant viruses are now present in small insects and animals like rodents especially in mice, but as of now, they are resistant to these new recombinant Coronaviruses. But they will be susceptible to the virus in the near future. When susceptible, the virus may infect other organisms and, in the future, under adaptable conditions, the disease will break out as a communicable disease in different places or countries and will be known in a different name.

With the blessings of the Almighty, creator of the Universe - Shoonya Bala Shakthi, the discovery of potent antibody against the Corona Virus will be possible. Selfless and devoted prayers and cautions are once again needed to regain world peace and prosperity. Coronavirus is a bioweapon developed by a country through constant research to use against India. Let us hope no more biological weapons are made out of selfishness and competition, which ultimately results in destruction of mankind. All nations must abandon the research and development bioweapons which is a threat to mankind. Let us hold hands together against the development of bioweapons through global awareness. Global awareness against bio weaponisation is today's need.


Shoonya Bala Shakti, the creator of universe and all life forms has been indulging and taking action to protect the creations from the world destructing inventions and discoveries made by man from time to time. If not this world and all life forms would have ended by now. The creator is thus leading this world and preserving all life forms till Sathya Yuga (the age of true wisdom)

Not revealing the name of the country who is behind this manufacturing of bioweapon.

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