Is Euthanasia (Mercy Killing) the right thing ?

Though inclusive of conditions, euthanasia has earned legitimacy (India). Even if it seems out of mercy, it is still killing. The patients need protection, not a death by pity. Just as the birth of new life takes evident time, the death will, too. Even sudden death in accident cases involves some internal process. There are facts to be realized about death. Medical science calls it death when the physical body becomes inactive state. Death, in reality, occurs when the soul detaches from its body.

The soul stays dispersed through the human body. More than the visible human body, there are the invisible energy body, causal body inside it. Similar to the organs and the organ system in physical body, the energy body constitutes a Prana center , Agni center, Sahasradala, 6 chakras and 1,00,008 Yoga Nadis. Before the process of death occurs, all these confine to energy form and along with the prana, it leaves the body as the soul.

Death happens due to the activation and functioning of the Maranagni (fire of death). In the agnicentre of the human body there are 41 agnis. Each agni has its own specific duty or action and way of functioning. When the soul enters the body of an unborn baby inside the mother's womb, the time span of the Maranagni will be decided by the Pramatama. When the time of death comes, the agnis start functioning. The energy flow in the yoganadis, prana center and minute sensory organs merge together to form a single energy spot. This way, many energy spots are created and they in turn merge together to form another energy form. Except for the Mukhyaprana, all the prana detach from the prana centers and merge with this aforesaid energy. When Mukhyaprana merges with energy form and detaches itself from the prana center, death happens. All this phenomenon take place in the most minute level of energy in ones body. Many acute cultures, knowledge, experiences, visions, deformities, diseases, dashapranas and yoganadis merge together and exists in the miniature form.

In accidental death, homicides and such cases, the Maranagni which remained dormant, suddenly starts working. In such death, the Mukhyaprana separate first and turns into an energy form. The yoganadis and rest of the pranas then separates and merges with that energy, and detaches from the body. Due to this incomplete process, the soul will have deformities in its prana. In suicide, one of the 41 agnis (Sthithagni) stops functioning abruptly. That leads to shortening of life span in future births of that soul. In deaths due to diseases, the death occurs as the soul of sick fails to be able to receive and dissipate energy from the Paramatma, which leads to the activation of Maranagni. Brain death of the other hand, occurs when the sahasradala is unable to receive energy or when the yoganadis are unable to radiate the energy. If the sukshma prana is not received too, the life may sustain but the Maranagani will start functioning. When the energy body shrink and finishes the process of merging (explained above), death naturally occurs. In some people, due to some evident accident effects or intense torture in the past, the prana failed to shrink inside the prana centre and this leads to delay in their deaths - delay to align the pranas back to normalcy. Even if death occurs, it will not be through the correct manner,and in future birth the soul will suffer from deformities in its prana center. Death by euthanasia is not natural. It has the same effect on the soul as that of homicide or suicide, by which they have to suffer in their births to come. Also euthanasia can be taken advantage of in this existing world of vices.

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