How moon originated ?

The natural satellite, Moon, was evolved by the separation of a region in the Earth's North pole due to the huge impact of an asteroid millions of years ago. The shockwaves of that impact got absorbed to the Earth's plates. Over the millenniums, these shockwaves started to flow to the Earth's surface as negative vibrations. The impact has created a huge reduction of minerals on the Earth’s crust then. In many places the density of the Earth's crust got lowered. Through these regions, the shockwaves got emitted to the Earth's surface resulting in volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. Even after millions of years, the remnants of shockwaves still remain. In the evolution process of the Earth, these shockwaves has created huge ecological imbalances. The Earth has gone through extreme conditions like cold, droughts and floods. These shockwaves also capsized the Earth's climate and its life system. A universal renaissance process is now being enacted by Aadi Shoonya Bala Shakthi (the primordial energy) – The Creator. In this process, the elimination of negative energy and re-alignment of all energy sectors formed during the evolution of the universe is taking place. A reformation is also happening in Earth across all sectors as part of this renaissance process. As part of this, a process is taking place to diminish the remnants of shockwaves that occurred millions of years ago within the Earth's inner layer. So that in future there won’t be any effect of this negative energy on the surface of the Earth. This is made possible by re-structuring the particles of the remnants of the shockwaves. Thus it will reduce the intensity of various environmental impacts on the planet. This will create a favourable environment for Earth's habitats. It also favours soil enrichment, reappearance of extinct species of flora and fauna and favourable climatic conditions for these changes. Hence in the coming generations, all these favourable conditions will lead to positive changes in the genetic structure of human beings. This will lead to improved body stature and health conditions of the human body. The Renaissance process will help to have a generation of yogic structure and yogic qualities, in all walks of life.

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