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About the Course

An integrated 5-day course having 5 sessions of 60 minutes duration each.

Benefits according to scientific research

  • Develop immunity
  • Relieve stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Experience of relaxation and meditation
  • Improves the strength and flexibility of your joints
  • Conservation of vital energy
  • Reduces metabolic rate
  • Slows down the ageing process
  • Balance and harmony at the level of body and mind.

The program includes the following special techniques of Nirvana Yoga :

  • Office Yoga – simple yogic exercises performed sitting on a chair
  • Sukshma Pranayama Kriya – Tension Relieving Pranayama
  • Psychotherapy – chanting of special sounds that stimulates your energy centers and eliminates stress and creates inner peace and calmness.

Nirvana Yoga techniques included in this program are -

  • Office Yoga– simple yogic exercises that can be performed sitting on a chair for the health of joints and supporting muscles in the body.
  • Sukshma Pranayama Kriya– Tension relieving Pranayama, a very special yogic practice scientifically developed by Guru Madhavacharyan that helps you to relieve tension instantly in twenty minutes. Moreover, it induces deep relaxation and meditative experience. and peaceful mantras of for relieving mental stress and experience calmness and inner peace.
  • Therapy for Mind with Special Chantings – A special technique of Nirvana Yoga that involves chanting of certain mantras or sounds in tune with nature. This stimulates your higher chakras and helps to elevate your mind from negative emotional centers to positive emotional centers. It also helps to achieve peace of mind and experience states of meditation.
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