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1. “God dwells in action”

NishkamaSeva (Karma) or selfless service is the purpose of human life. One who performs service for the goodness of others, with the realization of one’s own Self, fellow beings and surroundings, and with a sense of detachment to the fruits of the action, is said to be doing Nishkama Karma.

2. “All are In, All are One, All are Equal”

Every being is the part of that blissful, all-pervading, omnipotent, omniscient and eternal Universal Energy called ‘Paramatma’ or God. God is within you and the same is present in every human being. It is a metaphysical reality which transcends the barriers of caste, creed, religion, race, etc. created by man.

3. “Live in the present. Do the right thing at the right time. This is the wholesome art of living”

Past is gone, and future is yet to come. Only the present is yours’. One who is grievous about the past or anxious about the future cannot perform well in his duties in the present. Only one who lives in the present is able to think and act according to the needs of the individual and society. For this one has to gain mastery over the mind. One who attains this state is able to do the right thing at the right time. Relaxation and awareness is maintained in each and every action. Such a life manifests the wholesome art of living.

4. “Spirituality and Materiality are like two sides of the same coin”

Spirituality is the path of self-realization. In this path one learns to lead a holistic way of life. A healthy body, stable mind, creativity, will power, sharp intellect and realization of one’s own self, fellow beings and surroundings, are the qualities acquired through such a way of life. When these qualities manifest in one’s material life, the individual, family and society are benefitted. This alone can lead to human growth and well-being, contented family life, social harmony and peace which make an ideal society.

5. “God is Love”

Godly love is unconditional and divine. It arises only from the purity of mind. It is free form desires, fascination, covetousness, infatuations, ignorance, lust, distress and afflictions of mind. One should realize this ultimate state of love in the right spiritual path.

6. “Eternal happiness through daily observance of Nirvana Yoga”

Regular, systematic and continuous practice of Nirvana Yoga helps you to attain a state of positive health and perfect balance at the physical, mental and spiritual levels. This will help you to lead a life with health, peace, happiness and wisdom.

7. “Treat the underlying cause of the disease and not the symptoms alone”

The imbalances at the astral and causal levels of your existence are the real cause of all lifestyle and psychosomatic ailments. These imbalances percolate into the physical body and manifest itself in the form of diseases. Treating the disease at the physical level alone does not provide a permanent solution. Therapeutic techniques of Nirvana Yoga helps to remove the root cause of diseases from the energy and causal levels, thereby leading to a state of perfect health and well-being.

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