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Institute of Nirvana Yoga

The Institute of Nirvana Yoga was founded by the main disciples of Guru Madhavacharayan, the founder of Nirvana Yoga and an absolute spiritual master. Our institution seeks to spread the right knowledge and wisdom of Yoga through a unique way of education and training that helps to develop all dimensions of your personality – physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual, and making it accessible and beneficial to people belonging to all ages, abilities, belief systems and religions.

The Institute of Nirvana Yoga is a teacher’s training school of Yoga and a Registered Yoga School (RYS 200) of the worldwide Yoga Alliance. This institution aims at producing qualified Yoga teachers who possess the scientific and philosophical knowledge about Yoga and experiential understanding about the Self. It is a centre for advanced learning in Yogic sciences and an ideal place to learn about ‘Who Am I’.

All dimensions of Yoga including philosophical, spiritual, health, physical and experiential learning, are given equal importance in all the programs conducted by INY. The mission is to create a healthy and peaceful society through the complete science of Nirvana Yoga.

Each individual is unique and different. INY is conducting short term and long-term courses and programs for prevention and management of stress, lifestyle diseases and psychosomatic ailments. These programs are designed and developed based on the needs of the respective individuals or institutions.

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The Institute of Nirvana Yoga (INY) is a teacher’s training school recognized by the world-wide Yoga Alliance as Registered Yoga School 200 (RYS 200). The Nirvana Yoga Teacher Training Course 200 Hours is certified by the Yoga Alliance as equivalent to its two hundred hours standards. On successful completion of this course the candidates will become eligible to apply with the Yoga Alliance for the designation of Registered Yoga Teacher 200 (RYT 200).

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The Institute of Nirvana Yoga has its origin and headquarters at Thapovanam Siddhashramam. All courses of INY are conducted at Ashram and special retreat events of Yoga, meditation and spiritual healing are conducted at different places in India and abroad. The ashram is located in Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala. The Civil Station of Thiruvananthapuram is just about walking distance from the ashram. It is about 11 kilometers away from Trivandrum International Airport and 9 kilometers Central Railway station. National banks, shopping malls, shops, etc are walking distance away from ashram. Ashram is situated near 3 acres of forest land that belongs to an ancient temple nearby. It has a strong spiritual vibration and energy due to the meditative and spiritual practices which were being practiced at this place for centuries. The surrounding natural greenery, serenity of sunrise and sunset, quiet environment all provide an environment conducive to the practice of Yoga.

The ashram has a garden of organic vegetables and medicinal plants which are used for preparing food in the ashram. There is also a space here for meditating under a pyramid shaped natural roof. The atmosphere is calm and peaceful creating an environment to concentrate and meditate. Trips are arranged to KanyaKumari, the southernmost tip of India where the three seas meet (Indian ocean, Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea), the Ponmudi hills, Elephant sanctuary, Padmanabhapuram Palace, Varkala beach and many other places of cultural, historical, geographical and spiritual importance. The ashram is 23 kilometers away from the famous Kovalam beach.


The ashram is surrounded by natural greenery. There is small forest nearby where Guru Madhavacharyan used to spend long hours of meditation in his childhood days of spiritual quest. This place has strong spiritual vibrations due to the yogic practices conducted here for a long period of time. Thus the surrounding greenery, the serenity of sunrise & sunset and the quiet environment makes it an ideal place conducive to the practice of Yoga. The ashram has a garden of organic vegetables and medicinal plants which are used for preparing food in the ashram. There is also a space for meditation under a pyramid shaped natural roof. The atmosphere is calm and peaceful enabling one to concentrate and meditate easily.


  1. Nirvana Yoga is a system that involves a wide range of yogic practices encompassing all dimensions of health and spirituality. Hence, the courses are not only informative but also self-transformative.

  2. A unique way of Teaching Methodology is followed which emphasizes on the physical, mental and spiritual development of the participants along with the modern scientific approach towards the subject. The learning involves experiential realization of the philosophical concepts regarding one’s inner dimensions, apart from understanding the theoretical and practical aspects of Yoga.

  3. The Detailed Learning of practical yogic techniques such as Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Kriyas, Healing techniques, etc. are involved that equips each participant to teach Yoga safely even in the presence of illness. The students are taught to structure the practical yoga training programs catering to the individual needs of the participants.

  4. Free Online Continuing Education Program is offered by INY every month. Students get the opportunity to interact with Guruji or the lead trainers online for guidance related to self-practice or structuring of Yoga programs for teaching purposes.

  5. The Institute of Nirvana Yoga is a part of Thapovanam Siddhashramam located at Kudappanakkunnu in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. Guru Madhavacharyan is the founder of the ashram and the science of Nirvana Yoga. The name ‘Nirvana Yoga’ is being used by many centers in India and abroad but INY is the only institution offering teacher’s training courses and other programs in Nirvana Yoga developed by Guruji.


  • Registration Requirements: Guests are requested to bring a valid photo ID. Foreign Nationals should bring the original passport and visa with them.

  • Rules and Guidelines: All guests are requested to follow the rules and guidelines of Ashram for achieving the benefits of the course and maintaining the spiritual atmosphere and sanctity of the center.

  • Drinking Water:  Ayurvedic herbal water is available at the Ashram for free.

  • Food: Simple, nutritious Kerala meals based on the dietary principles of Yoga are served in the morning, noon and evening as part of all the courses.

  • Medium of Instruction: The medium of instruction is English.

  • Recreation: Participants of the teacher’s training courses will have one holiday every week. During this day they are free to engage in the recreational activities, join the trips, shopping, etc.

  • Vaccinations: Guests are advised to check with the respective health authorities of their country regarding vaccinations required for visiting India.

  • Travel Information: International and national flights to Trivandrum (Thiruvananthapuram) are available daily. You can take a prepaid auto-rikshaw or taxi to reach Ashram. Taxi can also be arranged by INY if needed. Travel expenses shall be met by the guests.


INY is a centre for advanced learning and practice of Yogic sciences. It is an abode of peace, happiness, love, knowledge and health. Hence INY advises its guests to follow certain rules and guidelines to maintain the spiritual atmosphere of this centre which are as follows:

  • Attendance is mandatory for all classes and lectures of the teacher’s training program.

  • Men and women should wear light coloured cotton dresses with shoulders, midriff and legs covered. Avoid transparent, tight fitting and revealing clothing.

  • Guests at the centre are advised to observe celibacy as part of the spiritual discipline.

  • Male and female accommodations are separate. Men are not allowed in the women’s room and vice versa.

  • Smoking, alcohol, drugs, meat, eggs, fish etc. are prohibited. Use of mobile phones is not permitted during the class times. Photography, video, audio recording, etc. is possible only with the written consent of the chief coordinator.

  • All guests are advised to follow a way of life conducive to self-development at the centre.

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