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200 Hour


Being a yoga teacher is a great responsibility to be held with grace, kindness and empathy.

A good yoga teacher will not just be teaching the students how to practice yoga, you will be also uplifting them intellectually and emotionally all the while improving their health.

But the focus of the course is not just to transform you into a yoga teacher and getting certified.

It also includes learning about who you are and the journey of your soul so far. So in the curriculum, we provide you with detailed instructions about how to raise to a yogic level and transform yourself into a much better version of yourself.  

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After the successful completion of the course, the students will receive internationally recognized certification.

It is certified by the worldwide Yoga Alliance as equivalent to its 200-hour standards for Registered Yoga Schools.

This certification would also make you eligible for advanced teacher training courses in Nirvana Yoga.



All the classes are live, providing you a direct learning experience albeit an online platform so that you have the opportunity to interact with us during the class and clear your doubts then and there.

It also helps us to adjust the class to your pace providing you a comfortable and stress-free learning experience.



Being a yoga teacher is a continuous learning process that spans over years and years of self practice and teaching others.

Life time support is something of utmost necessity for every yoga teacher.

Guided support in teaching you how to choose the correct yoga therapies for your students, according to their energy level and health levels.
Doubts clearing sessions in regards to your own spiritual journey, whenever necessary.



Guru Madhavacharyan reminds us that 
“A true yoga teacher should be a lifetime student and a constant practitioner”. 

There is a great vastness of knowledge provided in the Nirvana Yoga System, as well as numerous yoga therapies, kriyas and specific healing techniques that have to be learnt over time.

We will keep on conducting learning sessions giving you more insights into how to make your teaching better and how to improve your yogic qualities as well.

Our continued learning will comprise of:

  • Guru Darshanam - special discourses offered by His Holiness Guru Madhavacharyan, the founder of the Nirvana Yoga System on various aspects of yoga as an art of living; 

  • Continuous learning through our advanced NY training courses such as prenatal yoga, kriya yoga, yoga for anxiety and depression, yoga for kids etc

  • The opportunity to participate in monthly knowledge and practical classes, such as our Nirvana Yoga Masterclasses, where you can deepen your knowledge of self, of yoga and of the universal processes;



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His Holiness Guru Madhavacharyan is the founder of Nirvana Yoga System as well as Thapovanam Siddhashramam and The Thapovanam Siddhashramam Charitable Trust. Guruji is not just another spiritual master who teaches his disciples about yoga and spirituality.

He is an Absolute Guru who shows us about true yoga and true spirituality by demonstrating it through His own actions and life. Guruji’s teachings are not based on ancient scriptures or any other such sources of information.

Guruji imparts true knowledge about everything under the universe and the knowledge comes from His own state of the highest spiritual existence.

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Sri Bodhimadhavam Dhanvayogi

Institute of Nirvana Yoga
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Adhilaya Karunanantha

Senior Consultant
Department of Yoga & Health
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Sreerag R

Nirvana Yoga Teacher
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Jnanamayee Bodhi Amara Shivadatta

Head of Yoga & Spirituality Department
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Sri Bodhimadhavam Athmaleena

Nirvana Yoga Teacher
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Rajeev Harindran

Nirvana Yoga Teacher

Our Yoga Teacher Training program include following topics,

  1.  Philosophy
       - Definition of Yoga
       - What is Nirvana Yoga
       - Principles of Nirvana Yoga
       - Stages of Self Development
       - Concept of Liberation


  2. Anatomy and Physiology
       - The Human Body and Its System
        - Structure and Function of Energy Body
        - The Causal Body
        - Effect of Yogic Practices on three bodies


  3. Teaching Methodology
    - General Principles of Teaching Yoga
        - Teaching methods of Asanas
        - Teaching methods of Pranayama
        - Yoga for Children
        - Yoga for Youth
        - Y
    oga for Old Age
        - Yoga in the presence of illness


  4. Kriyas of Nirvana Yoga
        - Omkara Kriya
        - Swasthi Kriya
        - Yoga Nidra Kriya  


  5. Asana Kriya
       -  Asana Kriya for Kids and Youth
       -  Asana Kriya for Middle Age
       -  Asana Kriya for Elderly
       -  Physical, Mental and Spiritual Benefits
       -  Myths about Asana Kriya


  6. Asanas
        - Definition of Asanas
       - Types and Classification
       -  Preparations of Asana Practice
       -  Basic, Intermediate and Advance Asanas
       -  Physical, Therapeutic and Spiritual benefits of each
       -  Contra-indications


  7. Pranayama
        - Definition of Pranayama
        - Pranas and Upa-pranas
        - Physiological and Psychological Functions
        - Types and Classification of Pranayama
        - Physical, Mental and Spiritual Benefits
        - Contra-indications


  8. Spiritual Healing
        - Kalkraiki Advanced healing system
       -  Effect on Physical, Energy and Causal Body
        - Spiritual Awakening through Kalkaraiki
        - Application of Kalkaraiki in Health Care


  9. Health and Wellness
       -  Concept of Health, Wellness and Disease
       -  Psychological and Psychological benefits
       -  Yoga during illness
       -  Diet and Nutrition according to Yoga


  10. Meditation
       -  What is Meditation
       -  Types and Classification
       -  The State of Meditation
       -  Meditation techniques in Nirvana Yoga
       -  Effect of Physical, Energy and Causal Body


Amalia Stamate

At the end of the course I was not only a certified yoga teacher, but I also had all the tools I needed in order to overcome all the difficulties I encountered in my day-to-day life. I gained a more stable and positive mind, I was more relax and calm. I also became healthier and developed a better immunity, because of including in my daily routine the practices I have learned (yoga, pranayama, Kalkaraiki etc.).

I recommend this programme to everyone who wants to make positive changes into their lives.


Codruta Panazan

"From the first class of Nirvana Yoga, I felt a nourished interior and at peace. The Yoga Teacher Training Course was a wonderful experience as a result of which I gained an spiritual evolutionary experience, a stable mind, peace and fulfillment and also an natural motivation to practice Nirvana Yoga daily for a relaxed, healthy and authentic life. At the same time, I have acquired the necessary skills to share Nirvana Yoga practices with people who wants to be in balance, calm and to achieve an healthy lifestyle. I recommend the yoga teacher course for everybody who wants to make healthy life changes for himself and for those around him

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Cristina Ciordas

I learned how important it is to breathe properly and how important your relationship with yourself is, to be present in your body, learned healing through Kalkaraiki therapy and got rid of backpain.

Yoga is not about nice poses which can be seen on social media, the teachers make you understand that. Nirvana yoga is for everyone.

For me, Nirvana Yoga's superpower is healing, peacefulness, de-stressing and love.

Thank you Nirvana Yoga for this amazing experience.

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