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Thapovanam Siddhashramam

Thapovanam Siddhashramam


Thapovanam Siddhashramam, situated in Kudappanakunnu, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala is a decades old establishment with deep spiritual grounding and a large amassment of knowledge. The ashram was founded by Guru Madhavacharyan, an absolute spiritual master and a great humanitarian. It is the spiritual heart of Nirvana Yoga Global. Before the establishment of the ashram, Guruji had been traveling throughout India spreading the wisdom of Yoga, helping people to experience the true essence of spirituality & healing them to liberate from sorrows and diseases.

Guru Madhavacharyan, through 50 years of research and penance, developed the wholesome system of yogic science called Nirvana Yoga, which has helped thousands of people to achieve health, peace of mind and spiritual awakening.


Vision and Mission

The ashram was established by Guruji for the Spiritual Renaissance of the world. Spiritual Renaissance refers to the transformation and purification of soul or spirit, thereby raising the level of consciousness for the acquisition of true experiential knowledge about the Soul. This alone will help people to remove ignorance and know the metaphysical reality about oneself and the cause of entire creation, to create an eternally peaceful world free from stress, conflicts, and violence.

Thapovanam Siddhashramam is engaged in service initiatives for the development of society. It emphasizes the development of each individual to create a better society.

The aim is

  • To propagate the oneness of all beings beyond the barriers of caste, creed, religion or sex.

  • To propagate Yoga and related sciences for the overall development of human society.

  • To create a healthy and peaceful society.

  • To conserve nature and maintain the ecological balance.

  • To inculcate ethical and moral values into human society.

  • Healthy food for all.

  • To create a generation with knowledge, wisdom, health, and love for wholesome living.



The Ashram is governed by Thapovanam Siddhashramam Trust, a registered non-government public charitable organization. It is a multifaceted organization with a strong knowledge base, ethical discipline, and dedicated volunteers. Many service projects and initiatives are being undertaken by Ashram for the development of society. As a recognition of the service initiatives undertaken by our organization, it has been registered under section 12A and 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961. All donations made to the ashram are eligible for tax exemption as per these registrations.


The teachings of Guru Madhavacharyan are of great significance to the modern world. Truth, knowledge, selfless service to society and righteousness are the four pillars of ashram's way of life. More than three hundred scriptures, still remaining unpublished, have been written by Guruji in the form of spiritual revelations. These scriptures are a source of in-depth knowledge in the field of Yoga, Philosophy, Life Sciences, Astronomy, Genetics, Metaphysics, Indian systems of medicine, Evolutionary theories, etc. The knowledge from these scriptures is being spread to the people through Guruji’s discourses.


All the activities of the ashram are guided by Guruji’s philosophy of oneness and selfless service. The disciples and volunteers are constituted by people belonging to all religions and many nationalities.

“All Are In, All Are One, All Are Equal”

“God Dwells in Selfless Action”

Holistic Health

A Department of Yoga is established under Thapovanam Siddhashramam Trust for promotion of positive health and also to utilize the benefits of Nirvana Yoga to find effective solutions to problems like stress, stress-related health problems, lifestyle and psychosomatic ailments, degeneration of moral values, increasing crime rate, substance abuse, psychological disorders, etc. The department has introduced various courses for positive health, personality development, and stress management. The yogic techniques developed and propagated by Thapovanam Siddhashramam have helped thousands of people to achieve health, peace of mind and spiritual well being.



Way of Life

The education and healthcare model and way of life spread by the ashram through the science of Nirvana Yoga helps to:

  • Impart and realize the knowledge about oneself

  • Attain a healthy body and stable mind by removing the root cause of diseases and imbalances

  • Understand the fellow beings and society

  • To conserve nature and maintain the ecological balance.

  • Learn the ethical, moral and social values

  • Execute one’s duties and responsibilities towards the self, family, society, and nature

  • Lead a peaceful life with a sense of oneness of all beings

  • Live in the present.

Service Projects

Nirvana Yoga Research Foundation

Nirvana Yoga is a complete science of health, healing, spirituality and way of life developed by Guru Madhavacharyan. It emphasizes on a overall development and wellbeing of an individual at the physical, mental, intellectual, social and spiritual levels. It is not merely a practice of physical postures or breathing techniques. This system consists of a wide range of yogic practices within an ethical discipline that helps to attain perfection at all levels of human existence.

Guruji says, “human being is the most miraculous creation on the earth. Each individual is unique and so are his physical and mental states which are determined by the potential of his soul”. Nirvana Yoga consists of specialized yogic practices such as Araiki, Asanakriya, Yogavandanam, Dashaprana Pranayama Kriya, Tribandha Nadishuddhi Pranayama Meditation, Pancharangakriya, etc that helps to remove the causes and symptoms of physical and mental health problems of the individual.


Nirvana yoga.jpg

The ethical values proposed by this system helps to achieve peace and harmony in the society. The ashram aims to achieve social development through the development of each individual in his entirety. It happens only through transforming the individual from ill health to positive health, ignorance to wisdom, hatred to love and selfishness to selflessness.

This complete system of Yogic science is being propagated by the ashram for

  1. Health and wellbeing at physical, mental, social and spiritual levels.

  2. Perfection in action in all stages of human life (individual, family, social).

  3. Therapeutic Yoga for lifestyle and psychosomatic ailments.

  4. Development of personality at the physical, mental, emotional, intellectual and spiritual levels.

  5. Yoga in pregnancy

  6. Yoga in education

  7. Nirvana Yoga Teachers’ Training programs

  8. Awareness programs, seminars and workshops on importance of Yoga and Indian systems of medicine.

Yoga and Personality Development Camp

Yoga and personality development camps for children are conducted by the ashram every year to impart knowledge about all the material as well as metaphysical sciences needed to transform students into perfect individuals with knowledge, wisdom, health and a stable mind. The overall development of personality at the physical, mental, emotional, intellectual and spiritual levels is aimed at. The students enhance character building education with a strong base on ethical and social values. Love and respect towards parents, teachers and fellow beings is instilled, the sense of responsibility, sincerity, commitment, dedication and positive values is built up, and national integration is aroused through self transformative learning and practice.


Deficiencies, imbalances, subnormal tendencies and diseases from the body and mind are cured through proper awareness about the self and its inner dimensions, and practice of Yoga, meditation and healing techniques so that the root causes of all problems are removed from the deeper layers of one’s own existence. The importance of consuming organic food and its cultivation methods in the house premises is taught for healthy living and prevent diseases caused by wrong food habits. The importance of conserving the flora and fauna, learning of medicinal properties of plants and its cultivation methods, waste management methods, use of renewable energy resources and cleanliness are taught. The dormant potentialities of children and youth are evoked to unleash their skills and talents, and channelized in the right way of its utilization to build a strong society and nation. Students undergo self transformation to attain a stable mind, healthy body and sharp intellect which enables them to think and act logically, abstain from immoral, anti-social and anti-national activities and become responsible individuals. Students learn to utilize the developments in science and technology in a positive manner conducive to healthy living and ecological balance. Traditional Indian forms of art, music and dance are taught for development of the self, physical and mental well being, and to instill positive mental qualities, and not for competition.

Organic Farming

Thapovanam Siddhashramam has made significant contributions towards the promotion of organic farming in Kerala. In the last ten years ashram has distributed more than 200,000 organic saplings of vegetables and fruits as part of this initiative. These are grown in the lands owned by the ashram and the like-minded people. Ashram aims at creating a healthy society and preventing life threatening diseases such as cancer through this program. Hundreds of awareness classes have also been conducted by ashram throughout Kerala to spread this initiative. Saplings are being distributed at ashram free of cost.


‘Poison-free Food, Poison-free Mind, Poison-free Society’


Annadhanam - Distribution of Food

Thapovanam Siddhashramam is providing free food to the poor from the day of its establishment in the year 2000. Ashram emphasizes on providing organic food not only to meet the need for food for the poor but also to create a healthy society. The vegetables used are cultivated in the ashram premises and lands owned by the members and volunteers, and also bought from local farmers grown organically. Nearly two hundred people are served by the ashram every day.


Thapovanam Grow Green Initiative

In the year 2008, the ashram started a movement called Thapovanam Grow Green Initiative to conserve nature, sustain the environment and restore the ecological balance. TGGI emphasize on planting more banyan trees and peepal trees in public places, one sandal tree in every house, plants and trees of medicinal importance and those facing the threat of extinction. The motto of TGGI is to plant a billion trees.


Education for All

This is an initiative to provide education, food, and home for the poor. The ashram is funding for the educational expenses of poor children. Free classes are also conducted by our volunteers for poor children in rural areas.


Thapovanam Wellness Programs

Routinely conducts medical camps with doctors in AYUSH and modern medicine streams to combat epidemic outbreaks. Free medical aid and medicine distribution to those infected.


Thapovanam Social Initiative

To reinstate and sustain cultural, ethical and social values, by organizing discourses, workshops, seminars and other activities. Breastfeeding awareness, Beat Diabetes through Yoga, Women empowerment, Water Conservation, Swachta mission, waste management, promotion of alternative energy resources, rehabilitation, preventive healthcare, etc are the present spectrum of activities under this banner.

Thapovanam Social Initiative

Arts, Music and Dance

Ashram promotes and conducts free training programs for learning arts, music and dance without a sense of competition to unleash talents in children and youth and for self development.

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