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Explore the exclusive interview of Dhanvayogi on Mysticmag

We're thrilled to share an exclusive interview with Dhanvayogi from the Institute of Nirvana Yoga, conducted by the team at Mysticmag. In this engaging conversation, Dhanvayogi delves into the profound teachings and philosophy of Nirvana Yoga.

Nirvana Yoga, founded by Guru Madhavacharyan, transcends traditional yoga practices. It offers a comprehensive approach to well-being, encompassing physical, mental, social, and spiritual dimensions. The interview provides insights into the origins and evolution of this liberating system, including Guruji's seven-decade journey of meditation, yoga, and spirituality.

Dhanvayogi highlights the essential elements of Nirvana Yoga, such as the three levels of unification—physical merging, subtle merging, and causal merging—which lead to holistic transformation and spiritual awakening. The interview also explores specific Yogic practices within Nirvana Yoga, emphasizing their impact on the energy and physical bodies.

To read the full interview and gain a deeper understanding of Nirvana Yoga, please visit Mysticmag's Interview with Dhanvayogi.

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