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Nirvana Yoga Global brings forth a unique Live Online Yoga Program to cope with COVID-19 effects by improving one’s immunity and strengthening the respiratory system.

  • Reinforces Immune System

  • Increases Respiratory Health

  • Eliminates Stress and Related Issues

Stress from the progressing of viral infection, lockdowns, economic crises, and many other factors add to this catastrophe. This impacts the health of the people as well as elevates the possibility of the disease. The World Health Organization (WHO) has strongly recommended the practice of yogic breathing exercises, Pranayama, and Meditation to stay healthy and to prevent the spread of COVID-19

This Preventive Health Program was authentically developed by GURU MADHAVACHARYAN (founder of Nirvana Yoga), which particularly focuses on Breathing Exercises, Pranayama, Relaxation, and Meditation.

This distinctive set of yogic practices helps in achieving optimal and stable immunity by strengthening the respiratory functions, relieving stress, anxiety, and depression and also through increased vitality of internal organs and organ systems, and helps in achieving a finer state of body and mind and overall wellbeing.

Higher immune stability and prevention of infectious and non-infectious diseases


Healthier respiratory system and improvement in lung capacity


Prevention from respiratory ailments and increased oxygen supply to the body


Increased vitality, strength, and immunity of internal organs and systems


Removes stress, anxiety and depression


Increased your energy level, willpower and agility


Enhanced state of meditation



At the moment of complete meditation, the meditator will be absent - Guru Madhavacharyan

The Preventive Health Program includes the following techniques:

Yogic Dynamic Exercises

Breathing Exercises


Tension Relieving Pranayama

This program is ideal for all above 12 years of age 

Program duration: 10 Days

Program Fees: 95 Euros

Class Timings

Based on the convenient time of the participants

For any inquiries, please write to us at
Call us at +91-9400014604 or +91-9656841441

Eva Ljungqvist, Sweden

After two weeks of the Nirvana Yoga Preventive Health Program I feel stronger, have more energy, and there is joy and a sense of spaciousness inside and much more


Asa Fransson, Sweden

I cannot express in words what this program meant to me. When I started the program, I had been suffering from post-COVID symptoms for three months. The program helped me to recover my breath and brought back my happiness. I also learned techniques that I will use to keep stress-free in my everyday life. The yoga instructors are incredibly skilled and caring.


Anna Grauers Fischer, Sweden

A have really appreciated the health program offered by Nirvana Yoga. It has been very beneficial to me. I can feel that my lungs have improved with breathing and I will continue practicing from home. It was very easy to connect over zoom and the different asanas you thought have developed my capacity. I can very much recommend the courses both if you have experienced COVID but also if you need some time for meditation and contemplation

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