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20 days Online program 

for beginners

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Why Nirvana Yoga?

Stress is an issue that we face in almost all aspects of our lives. While a little bit of stress is ok for the body, when it becomes chronic it poses several health issues to our mind and body. Practising yoga from an accomplished teacher will help us to eliminate unwanted thoughts and disease energies from our body. Moreover it helps us to live life joyfully in tune with nature by cleansing our body, mind, and soul from uncontrolled thoughts and emotions, diseases, unhealthy lifestyles, etc.

The food we eat, the exercises we do (or the lack of it), our thought processes, and our relationships, all play important roles in developing a lifestyle. Doing yoga regularly helps to improve all these aspects and thereby our lifestyle improves significantly. That is, whatever your health issues are, nirvana yoga not only provides the solution for that but takes it to the next level by improving all aspects of your life such as physical, mental, social and spiritual.

Poorna Guru Madhavacharyan who is the founder of Nirvana Yoga developed the unique techniques, programs and courses through more than six decades of scientific research and penance.


  1. Removes stress and anxiety.

  2. Helps to sleep better. 

  3. Helps to reduce weight. 

  4. Helps to clear breathing related problems. 

  5. Helps in overcoming menstrual related problems in women

  6. Increases the flow of vital energy throughout the body.

  7. Balances the hyperactivities and hypo activities of the body.

  8. Enhances flexibility, muscle strength, and stamina.

  9. Develops immunity and prevents diseases.

  10. Reduces the uncontrolled flow of thoughts.

  11. Improves concentration.

  12. Improves mental Strength.

  13. Enhances emotional stability through detachment from negative emotions.

  14. Removes diseases and their root causes.

  15. Expanded awareness.

  16. Improves the quality of life.


Perhaps you are a fully healthy individual or maybe suffering from only a single health issue. But the advantage of Nirvana Yoga is that it integrates different aspects of healthy living including proper exercises, proper diet, proper relaxation, and proper thought processes, and makes us not only free from the particular ailment but the overall development of our character occurs and that leads to a happier and healthier life!



Each individual is unique and different. Therefore we provide one-to-one personal consultation (online and offline) for assessing the health condition of an individual before suggesting what practices they should perform. We take into account the condition of the physical body, as well as the energy body and causal body within us before recommending various yoga practices that will help you to overcome the health issues you are facing.



This is what makes a true system of yoga different from modern medical treatments; yoga takes not just the physical symptoms but the subtle energy and causal body (mind and soul) as well where the root causes of our health issues reside. Institute of Nirvana Yoga conducts short-term and long-term programs for the management of stress, psychosomatic and lifestyle diseases. We offer group as well as personal classes based on the needs of the individuals.



Your journey through Nirvana Yoga does not stop with this program, it only begins! It is a continuous journey and through different stages of development, you can pursue and learn more knowledge and gain wisdom.

  • 20 days program starts on 1st December 2022 Thursday and ends on 28th December. 

  • First two days will be trial classes which you can sign up for just Rs 49/- . If you like to continue after that, you can join the 20 days course for Rs 1000/-

  • Classes will be in the morning (6 am - 7 am). Evening batch begins on December 14th. (6.30 pm to 7.30 pm). 

  • After 20 days, the program will continue if required.

  • Saturdays and sundays will be off. 

  • We will use Zoom app for the video calls

For more information,
Contact 860 6262 612, 90747 69772 

Amalia Stamate

"Since 2018 I have been attending every year the classes of Institute of Nirvana Yoga. I am very happy I discovered them, as I came all the way from Romania in search of an authentic Ashram that teaches true knowledge. I was lucky to come to Thapovanam Siddhashram where I found the most wise, loving, kind and carring people, the disciples of His Holiness Guru Madhavacharyan. Since I started practicing Nirvana Yoga, I didn't feel the need to practice any other system, because no other system that I tried before can compare with Nirvana Yoga system."


Cristina Corina

Never had I felt more present and connected to my inner self. I completed the one-month Nirvana Yoga Course and I feel it is the best thing I could ever do for my soul. I met the most beautiful people; their kind of beauty comes mainly from within and then projects itself on you as a state. I was inspired to become the better version of myself. All the practices lead me to finally create a distance between myself and my mind and I gained more clarity in the thoughts.

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Book your two days trial class for Rs 49/-

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