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The Nirvana Yoga Global was founded by the main disciples of Guru Madhavacharayan, the founder of Nirvana Yoga, and an absolute spiritual master. Our institution seeks to spread the right knowledge and wisdom of Yoga through a unique way of education and training that helps to develop all dimensions of your personality – physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual, and making it accessible and beneficial to people belonging to all ages, abilities, belief systems and religions.

Nirvana Yoga Special Online Programmes

Overview of Programs

Integrated yogic practice modules developed by Nirvana Yoga Global conducted online for

  • Developing immunity

  • Strengthening the respiratory system and improve breathing capacity

  • Eliminating stress, anxiety, and depression and develop a stable mind

                                                                                                                                       And much more…..


Nirvana Yoga Global introduces specialized Yoga techniques and programs to cope with this COVID-19 pandemic by boosting one’s immunity and strengthening the respiratory system. Stress caused due to the progressing viral infection, lockdown at houses, economic crisis, and many other factors adds to this catastrophe. This impacts the health of the people as well as elevates the susceptibility to infection. The World Health Organization (WHO) strongly recommends the practice of yogic breathing exercises, pranayama, and meditation to stay healthy and to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  

The unique techniques and programs in Nirvana Yoga are scientifically developed by Guru Madhavacharyan (founder of Nirvana Yoga), which especially emphasis on Breathing Exercises, Pranayama, Relaxation, and Meditation along with powerful Self-Healing techniques. This unique yogic practices in the Nirvana Yoga system helps in achieving elevated immunity and stability by strengthening the respiratory functions, by relieving stress, anxiety, and depression and also through increased vitality of internal organs and organ systems, and helps in achieving an overall state of wellbeing of body and mind.

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